Who are we?

In short, we are a fitness club, a gym...

But if you have the time, we are so much more…

We are a group of fitness enthusiasts that believe in regular intense exercise to support healthy lifestyles.

We are a community of friends/family that support and motivate each other to their fullest potential.

We are a combination of teenagers, young adults, and aging adults sharing the same desire to be better.

We are moms, dads, athletes, teachers, bankers, nurses, doctors, students, carpenters, artists, scientists, psychologists, engineers sharing a passion for feeling strong, healthy, and happy.

We are a dad who pushes himself through the toughest workouts because he wants to be able to run and play with his daughter.

We are a woman that wants to rid herself of medications due to being overweight.

We are a teenager that wants to boost his confidence and drive.

We are a mom that wants to finally do something for herself after caring for her children.

We are a man that has dreams of competing in Olympic weightlifting at the National level.

We offer a space where people feel they are welcome and wanted, where they will be challenged and supported.

We are a group of coaches that care about our athlete’s well-being, physically and emotionally.

Most of all, we are a support system for many people in the community and we are trying our best to nurture and grow this idea, without finances being a limiting factor.