Tim Taylor

  • level 2 crossfit trainer

  • usaw sports performance coach

  • former collegiate ice hockey player

  • likes: burritos, weightlifting and New england IPAs

  • dislikes: horses, snakes and Excuses

Joelle VONBiscHoffshausen

  • level 1 crossfit trainer

Usaw registered weightlifter

  • Former collegiate softball player

  • first intro to crossfit in 2012; immediately drawn in to the competitive, supportive, community nature of the sport

  • Likes: anything outdoors, fishing, hiking, camping, softball, biking and being with family and friends

  • dislikes: bad attitudes, rodents, phil collins and thrusters

Joelle - WL.jpg

April Taylor

  • level 1 crossfit trainer

  • usaw registered weightlifter

  • focuses on safe movements and controlled progressions; there is a time to push and a time to step back.

  • Likes: painting and hanging with her kids

  • dislikes: ipa beers, running and the assault bike

April - DL.jpg

Cody Weaver

  • level 1 crossfit trainer

  • former collegiate athlete (division 3)

  • competitive personality, always seeking a challenge

  • enjoys watching members grow into their full potential.

Cody - Box Jump.jpg

Kristen Munoz

  • level 1 crossfit trainer

  • loves deadlifts and pull ups

  • hopes to inspire the drive to push past perceived limitations

  • Passions: thai green curry, iced americanos and backpacking

Kristen - WL.jpg

Mena Crystal


  • Loves olympic weightlifting

  • CPR Certified

  • Likes: Sun, weightlifting, Coldplay and tequila

  • Dislikes:whining and laziness

  • Philosophy: Bodies are made to move and be challenged. 

Mena snatch.JPG


  • Loves olympic weightlifting

  • IS yoga teacher

  • Believes in BigfooT

  • Lived as a hunter-gatherer while in college

  • loves working with beginners

  • Hates bathroom fans

Michelle Connolly.jpg