Barbell WOD:

1.) No Hook/No Feet Snatch (No hook grip, no moving the feet.) Work at 75% of your 1RM Snatch 5x1

2.) Back Squats 4x3 Work at 85% of your 1RM Back Squat. Keep the weight consistent across the work sets.

3.) Snatch Grp Deadlift 4x 3 Work at 105% of your 1RM Snatch. Keep the weight consistent across the work sets.

Accessory Work:

1.) 10R/10L single leg kb deadlift superset with a 1:00 glute bridge hold

2.) Bicep Tricep superset 3 rounds: 10 bicep curls directly into 10 tricep extensions (set up red band on rig hands grab either side of band in a neutral grip and pull down to hips

3.) Single arm kb sit ups 3x20 (10 per arm) laying down with legs straight out in front, KB up as if starting in a turkish get up, sit up while maintaining KB position

Skill Work: Pull Ups

2 rounds: 10 lat/scap activators, 10 banded beat swings, 3 hollow-arch pull up, lower down into a negative (done from a box)



Clean E2MOM 14:

7sets 1) 3@60%, 2) 2@70% 3) 2@75% 4) 1@80% 5) 1@85% 6) 1@90% 7) 1@90-95%

Scale to power Clean or have member’s work on hang power clean

3 rounds for max reps:

1min S2OH (95/65), 1min lateral bar hops, 1min abmat situps (95/65), 1min rest (12min)

Scaled: use DB for S2OH, bar step overs

3 scores



Barbell WOD:

1.) Snatch- work to 90% for a single, then drop weight by #35 and complete 2x1 (1 Snatch + 2 OHS with 5 second pause at the bottom)

2.) Timed Back Squat Work to 65% of your 1RM Back Squat for 1x5. Then decrease weight by #25 for Drop Sets 2x5.

Try to complete work set of 5 reps in under 7 seconds and the two Drop Sets of 5 Reps in under 5 seconds.

3.) 4 Rounds: Strict Press/Bent over Row Super Set- Strict press x3, Bent over row x8 *Use 50% of c&j max for press, and 65% of snatch for row



1.) 3x10 walking sandbag lunges                                                                    

2.) Superset 3x :30 Medball hold (pec engagement), 10 QUALITY push ups

3.) 3x TYQ weighted plank (go till you quit!)



Handstands spend 10-15 mins practicing on kicking up into a handstand (use a partner spot if needed), wall walk into a HS hold (nose to wall, hollow out, pointed toes together, actively push away floor), using a box do some HS shoulder taps and walk around the box while maintaining pike position