​1/31/19 #barbellwod


Barbell WOD:

1.) CLEAN COMPLEX: 1 CLEAN + 2 FRONT SQUATS + 3 THRUSTERS (5x1) @65% of 1 RM C&J    

2.) Front Squats work to 80% of your 1 RM for a set of 5, then drop set (-44 lbs) for a set of 5

3.) Push Press 4x3 Work at 60% of your 1RM Clean & Jerk


Accessory Work:

1.) 3 rounds super set Seated DB/KB Press x8 into DB/KB Row x 8

2.) 3 round superset Rear foot elevated split squat (weighted) 8R/8L, directly into 5 broad jumps OR seated box jumps

3.) Accumulate 5 mins in plank (break up as needed, mix in different plank/side plank variations)


Skill Work:

Handstands 3 rounds: :30 frog stand, wall walk into a hollow handstand hold :30, attempt a free standing handstand with spot OR kick up against the wall and attempt to move feet from wall