2x10 medball cleans, 10 medball presses, 10 medball slams, 10 MB situps

3x10 Sandbag clean and press *10 DB rows in between sets Preferably outside

For Time: 500 m row, 10 front squats, 400 m row, 8 front squats, 300 m row, 6 front squats, 200 m row, 4 front squats, 100 m row, 2 front squats (#135/95)



2x 10 plank shoulder taps, 10 PVC pass thrus, 10 hollow rocks with PVC, 10 arch rocks with PVC, 5 hollow to arch rolls/transitions

Strict Pressing Progressions

1.) push ups: beginner: tempo push ups from knees, floor, or paralettes x8 3count down, fast up/advanced: plyo pushups x8

2.) Pistol negatives off box: lower down as slow as possible touch floor push back up x8 per leg

3.) Beginner: seated heavy DB strict pressx8/ intermediate: Box Strict HSPU x8, advanced: strict HSPU x8

FESTIVUS WOD 1: 6-Minute Running Clock

Part 1: 6 Rounds Total (not 6 rounds per athlete)

- 10 Shoulders-To-Overhead (S2OH)
- 10 Hanging Knees to chest/knee raises
The WOD will begin with the bar preloaded. On 3-2-1-Go! one athlete will complete a round of 10 S2OH and 10 Knees to chest/knee raises. Athletes will alternate doing complete rounds. When an athlete finishes a round they must tag their partner in for them to begin. One partner works at a time.

Part 2: AMRAP Front Squats

After Part 1 is complete athletes will take turns as they choose to acquire maximum front squats in the remaining time. One athlete works at a time. Athletes can switch anytime they want. Athletes must tag their partner in for them to begin. Due to possible time limitations both athletes do NOT have to front squat.


2x 10 PVC Pass thrus, 10 scorpion stretches, 10 DB Bench press, 10 DB row


3 rounds with 1:30 rest in btwn sets:

5-5-5 bench press (close grip, neutral grip, wide grip), then straight into a rope pull (2 rope lengths)


Tabata Hell (:20 on/:10 off 4x of the following)

1) Medball press/except on the "rest" you are actively holding the ball in front

2.) ABS/Core Coaches choice

3.) Air squats except on the rest you are holding at the bottom of the squat